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Manowar is a large jellyfish like creature that can operate on the land or sea. His origins aren't clear. When Atlantis arose from the ocean, various parties tried to laid claim to it, but King Namor fought them to keep them out. So, the Brand Corporation sent out Manowar to deal with Namor. Manowar paralyzed one of Namor's sides and dragged below water to assimilate him, but Namor then defeated Manowar using a vibranium gun that caused Manowar's form to disintegrate.[1]

Manowar later reappeared and became a loyal member of the aquatic terrorist group the Fathom Five. In an attempt to destroy all surface life, the team attacked various targets. When they invaded New York City, they lashed out any one they meet in the streets. The Thunderbolts counteracted the team and after a long battle were defeated.[2] Most of the Fathom Five were taken into custody, including Manorwar.[3]

After Namor changed his policy on the relationship between the ocean and the surface, he declared his territory off-limits to all but its native inhabitants. Manowar appeared as one of the members of the Defenders of the Deep, Namor's own super-team assembled to impose his will on the surface world's presence in the oceans.[4] During one of the Defenders' first missions, the team attacked the international undersea research station Hydropolis. They were intercepted by the Avengers, and the Winter Guard subsequently. The two teams worked in tandem to repel the Defenders, and Crimson Dynamo wounded Manowar in the process by flying through its body.[5]

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Manowar is able to make his form grow in order to engulf his opponents. Manowar’s body possesses multiple tentacles which allow him to grab and hold his enemies. Manowar can also produce twenty thousand volts of electricity through his membranous form.

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