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Tamarind Island was originally owned by Walter Langkowski's great-aunt who died under mysterious circumstances and was then occupied by Gilded Lily. Aurora and Sasquatch scouted the location for a possible new base of operations for Alpha Flight when they confronted Lily. Lily destroyed the complete internal structure of the house. When the Canadian government agreed to fund the team again, they took over the property by eminent domain and reconstructed the house with the original decor while also hiding sophisticated technology.

Alpha Flight used the Island as a base of operations for some time before the mansion was destroyed by the villain Bedlam.

Layout of Mansion Alpha.


The entire mansion was outfitted with sophisticated technology, enhanced by modifications made by Roger Bochs. An elevator could be used for access to every floor as well as a stairwell. There was also a tube running vertically through the mansion to allow access for people with flight abilities to various floors. Attached to the sub basement was the hangar bay with an elevator platform for the Omnijet which appeared above ground as an enclosed gazebo. The mansion also had Alphanex, a sophisticated computer with info from the original Department H's mainframe.

  • Ground Floor; living room, computer annex, kitchen (featuring robotic servants), business offices, library, dining room, game room, day room, large front porch and foyer
  • Second Floor; informal meeting room, conservatory, 6 living quarters
  • Third Floor; med lab, infirmary, storage space, small study adjoined to one of the living quarters, 6 quarters
  • Sub-Level #1; hangar deck (and elevator platform), communications and meeting room (with sophisticated early-warning systems), generator room, gym and training room (configurable by Mr Jefferies), pool, lounge, sauna, showers, support machinery
  • Sub-Level #2; hangar and repair bay (w/ elevator platform), workshop and laboratory, machinery room, training room support machinery



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