Manta before her Brood infection

Manta's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. As a member of the Imperial Guard, she was physically one of its weakest members but also one of its most intelligent. The Guard's leader Gladiator often relied on her for situational analysis and strategies. The Guard's newest member, the Earthling Hyperion, became a beloved member of the Guard. After defeating the Shi'ar usurper Deathbird, the Guard went to investigate Deathbird's lair, Treasure World. While looking through the lair's laboratory, Manta discovered that Deathbird has been experimenting on Brood parasites that were now loose. The Brood had already infected many of the Guard's members, so Manta opted to hold off the infected guardsmen off while the remaining members escaped. However, the only one to escape was Hyperion who was forced to seal the entrance to Treasure World and leave his teammates behind to keep the Brood trapped there.[1]

Manta eventually became infected by the Brood and became a part of their hive mind. The Imperial Guard then escaped Treasure World and apparently infected the Shi'ar Empire, creating the Brood Imperium and turning the Shi'ar throneworld of Chandilar into their throneworld. Manta and the Imperial Guard were opposed by Hyperion and were banished to the Negative Zone. The Imperial Guard were able to escape along with other villains banished by Hyperion. They went to Cape Canaveral to steal a ship to get back to Chandilar, but they were stopped by Hyperion and once again banished to the Negative Zone.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Manta of Earth-616.


Tactical genius, gifted polymath



Flight under her own power, Majestor's Mercy

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