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The Manticore was a weaponized vehicle, designed by Baintronics, which incorporated illegally-acquired proprietary Stark tech. As soon as he learned of the Manticore's existence, Iron Man interrupted a demonstration for potential buyers with War Machine. During the subsequent fight against the Manticore and Baintronics head of security Gauntlet, War Machine panicked due the trauma of accumulated negative experiences piloting an armor, and ejected out of his suit. To prevent the Manticore from running over the defenseless Rhodes, Iron Man hacked into the vehicle's systems and ejected its pilot.

James Rhodes (Earth-616) from Tony Stark Iron Man Vol 1 11 001

Rhodey aboard the Manticore

Without a driver, the Manticore went out of control and ran into the direction of Sunset Bain and a crowd. Since Bain's voice commands failed to stop the behemoth, Rhodey jumped into the open cockpit and took control of the Manticore. After diverting the vehicle, he used it to knock out Gauntlet, who had Iron Man in his grasp. Rhodey felt surprisingly comfortable piloting the Manticore in contrast to the War Machine Armor, prompting Iron Man to buy it from Baintronics without taking action for the use of his stolen tech.[1]

The Manticore was later used against enemies such as the Grapplers,[2] the Controller [3] Sadurang, [4] and the Spymaster, [5] before eventually getting destroyed by Ultron Pym during a confrontation.[6]


The Manticore is a multi-purpose tank with flight and submersible capabilities, featuring a wide arrange of weapons capable of taking down helicopters, tanks and even individuals with pinpoint precision. It possesses both lethal weapons like microwave beam-rifles, a gatling gun and missiles, as well as nonlethal alternatives.[1]

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