Mantis along with the other Guardians of the Galaxy members went to the Spartax homeworld in order to retrieve the guilt ridden Star-Lord for a mission of galactic importance. Mantis said her visions had Quill in it were he wielded the relic as the shadow was cast over the Earth. But Quill complained that Earth had it's own heroes and why should he help them when they weren't around when he needed the help. But Quill ended up joining as Mantis and the rest of them were being hunted by the Universal Church of Truth.

Mantis was on the Milano when they reached an abandoned space station in orbit around Jupiter. Quill recognized it as the Peak. Mantis stayed on the ship as the rest of them boarded the station. She picked up some telepathic echoes that belonged to a horde of Brood. The Guardians slaughtered them in self-defense as they attacked them first.

They found out that the station was sending off a distress signal which was on a loop for the past 50 years. They ventured to Earth where Mantis was not picking up any communications to her hails, but they received a message in a form of a satellite that shot their ship out of orbit causing it to crash land in the Badlands of Amerika[1]

Mantis and her comrades came upon an abandoned village filled with a pile of dead bodies which swayed them to venture on. They finally came to the town of Horse Creek where Mantis first encountered a criminal group known as the Wrecking Crew who were there to collect a tribute from the townspeople. The Guardians decided to protect the town by battling them which Mantis stayed out of. They ended up killing them which made them heroes to the people of the town.[2]

She and the other Guardians were invited into Josie's Bar in celebration of the defeat of Doom's lackeys. Mantis sat at one of the tables while members of the town where toasting Quill for his bravery in the fight. But they were interrupted by a gang of Ghost Riders who wanted to collect a bounty on Quill for the murders that were committed. Mantis stayed out of the way again as Quill mopped the floor with these bandits also.

That night Quill had a dream where he saw Mantis being incinerated by the optic blasts of the former Shi'ar Majestor Gladiator. He woke up in a cold sweat as Mantis was sitting next to him. She told him she was aware of what the dream entailed. As they rested, a huge gang of Riders came to get payback for what happened earlier in the day. They managed to capture Mantis and the others taking them to the Rice-Eccles Stadium to serve as battling opponents in the arena.[3]


Seemingly those of the Mantis of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mantis of Earth-616.

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