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This Space Phantom who impersonated former Avengers' ally Mantis was employed by Immortus in a complex plan to keep the Avengers occupied before the coming of Onslaught.[1]

Brainwashed by Immortus into believing to be the real deal,[1] "Mantis" was the wife of Kang the Conqueror,[2] actually Immortus disguised as his younger counterpart.[1]

According to her fabricated history, at some point after having married "Kang", they adopted the twins Malachi and Tobias, actually Space Phantoms[1] meant to be elder counterparts of Vision and Scarlet Witch's lost children Tommy and Billy.[3]

Since she wanted revenge on her ex-husband, the Cotati Swordsman, who had left her sometime before,[4] she had Malachi and Tobias capturing him and taking him to Kang's citadel,[2] Chronopolis, actually Immortus' Limbo.[1]


  • When Crossing was first published, all the characters who appeared were intended to be who they actually were. Since the whole storyline started to make almost no sense after some author changes and continuity errors between the various series, Kurt Busiek retconned the entire event in Avengers: Forever #8 into being a plan devised by Immortus in order to have the Avengers occupied before the upcoming threat of Onslaught. Nearly all the antagonists, except for Kang who was retconned into being Immortus, were then retconned into being Space Phantoms.

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