"Injun" Mantog was a Native American outlaw who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He was apprehended for unspecified crimes and sentenced to Deer Lodge Penitentiary by Shepard's Creek Judge Sampson. Eventually, Mantog broke out of prison, killing his guards and stealing a uniform before escaping. He rode back to Shepard's Creek and plotted to get revenge against Sampson by kidnapping his daughter and holding her for ransom. However, he really intended to murder both and take the money. Making arrangements with Pedro the local Cantina owner in the Mexican quarter of town, Mantog then kidnapped Sampson's daughter leaving behind the ransom note.

As fate would have it, this happened at the time that the local sheriff had captured outlaw hero Kid Colt and brought him to Sampson for trail. Having heard stories about how Kid Colt helped those in need, he offered the outlaw a chance to go free by rescuing his daughter. Kid Colt took the job and a jail break was staged. Kid Colt then went to the cantina where he convinced Mantog that he was on the run from the law and seeking to join his gang.

Mantog bought the story and brought the Kid to his hideout hidden in the badlands in a dried out lake. There Kid Colt accepted challenges from members of Mantog's gang that did not fully trust him, killing all the challengers convincing Mantog that Kid Colt was on his side. However, the plan was dashed to bits when Pedro arrived with Sampson as a prisoner, having overheard the judge and the sheriff talking about their plan. Before Mantog could shoot Kid Colt, the hero leapt out of a window and rode for cover on his horse Steel.

Mantog then took the Sampsons outside and attempted to burn them at the stake. Kid Colt however used TNT to blow open the dam that kept the lake where Mantog's cabin was hidden dry, flooding the area. As Mantog and his men sought safety on the roof of the cabin, Kid Colt rescued the Sampsons and brought them to short. Mantog and his men tried to shoot them as they escaped, but were gunned down by Kid Colt. Mantog either died of a gunshot wound or drowned when the water completely submerged his cabin.[1]


Mantog rode a horse.


Mantog carried a dagger and a six-shooter.

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