Not much is known about the individual who called himself Mantor the Magician. He was active in the 1940's using his supposedly magical powers for good. In his only recorded appearance he came to the rescue of Joan Winters a young lady who in a moment of hysteria jumped into a lake with the purposes of drowning herself. After saving her life, Mantor learned that she was driven to suicide due to the supposed hauntings of her father's mansion which she inherited following his death. She invited Mantor over for supper, and he agreed to investigate the supposed hauntings of the property.

Mantor the Magician (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 3 page --

Mantor in action

Staying the night, Mantor found himself staying in the room where moon light would supposedly reveal a secret passage. That night, Mantor and Joan were attacked by two supposedly undead creatures, however Mantor's mystical powers revealed them to be the estate's butler and gardener who were trying to murder Joan to claim her father's fortune.[1]


Mantor claims to be a magician. While the limits of his powers are unknown, he has shown the ability to transmute matter (such as turning a sword into a scarf, and turning a pistol into a water gun), create life like duplicates of himself and others as well as make objects appear out of nowhere. His claims of being a magician are refuted due to the simplicity of his hand gestures and lack of incantation, suggesting his powers are possibly the result of mutation[2].

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