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The world of Mantracora is an inhabited world located in the Negative Zone. The humanoid Mantracorians who live there are in an early stage of their development and have a feudal society. They worshiped a god like figure dressed in gold called Taranith Gestal. This being was killed and replaced by an alien being that crash landed on their world over 30 years prior. The alien being used this position to trick the smartest of the Mantracorians in order to drain them of their mental energies, the power source of his ship. His plans to get off Mantracora was accelerated with the arrival of the Fantastic Four who were exploring the Negative Zone at the time and happened to come to Mantracora. There "Taranith Gestal" captured their leader Mister Fantastic and succeeded in draining his mind to power his ship. [1] Although Taranith managed to blast off from Mantracora, the Fantastic Four ultimately defeated him and restored their leader. [2]


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