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Quote1.png I have defeated the most deadly toros in a thousand bull-fights! ... Still you mock me!! Still you dare taunt the greatest matador of all time!! Quote2.png


Manuel Eloganto, aka The Matador, was a world-famous bullfighter. However, his brutality in the arena made him very unpopular amongst the crowds. In one fight, he was being booed out by the audience which made him become distracted from the fight and he was severely hurt by the attacking bull. Eloganto survived the incident, but swore revenge upon the world and turned to crime.

He ran up against Daredevil,[4] and various other superheroes over the years. At one point, he manipulated the Man-Bull into stealing the Golden Bull of China for him.[5] Later, he reformed, paid his debt to society, and resolved never again to disgrace his family name as he had in his youth.[6]

Nevertheless, he later became targeted by the Scourge of the Underworld organization, but the Scourge sent to carry out the hit could not bring herself to kill him, as he was babysitting his sister's children at the time.[6]

Years later he had seemingly given up crime and was looking for employment when he was unwittingly involved in a scheme against Daredevil where false memories were implanted in his mind to mess with and distract Daredevil from the true mastermind The Ringmaster.[2]


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Matador possesses no actual powers but is extremely agile and quick. He is a highly skilled swordsman and formidable in hand-to-hand combat.



He employs a cape and sword which he uses for both offense and defense. The Matador has also been seen carrying a bullwhip.


  • The Matador has used his cape to cover Daredevil's eyes, in an attempt to blind his opponent. Daredevil acts as if he sees him anyway, leaving the Matador to wonder whether his opponent can see through the cloth. [1]


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