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Little is known about Manuel's personal history, except that he once beheaded the owner of a summer camp his father sent him to that he did not like. Manuel's family is reportedly a dynasty of slavers based in Africa. His family has recently expanded its business to ship human slaves to interstellar clients. Manuel took control of the family business by killing his father and then shipping his seven older brothers to a planet of man-eating monsters.[1]

Immediately after the Day of the Serpent, Manuel was recruited to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club at the request of Kade Kilgore. With the group, he escaped Ryker's Island during the Phoenix Five Incident,[2] and helped fund the Hellfire Academy.[3]

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Manuel, while being the least overtly psychotic of the Hellfire Kids, appears to be well versed with weaponry, making use of a mortar along with the other members of the Hellfire Club and later a crossbow when escaping Rykers Island Prison.


  • Enduque has mentioned owning interests in alien gambling establishments as well as most of New York.[1]

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