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Manuel Perez unmasked

Manuel Perez married Margaret Harrow the daughter of the wealthy Josiah Harrow. Seeking to claim the family fortune, Manuel worked with the Harrows lawyer, Matthew Clinton to murder Harrow and his surviving relatives so that they could split the fortune. To this end, they devised the masked identity of the White Death. Miguel dressed in the white robe and mask of the White Death. In order to create a fall person, they tied up Josiah's brother and frame him for the murders. After murdering Josiah by snapping his neck, the murder did not go unnoticed as his dying screams were overheard by Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes. Both investigated in their secret identities of Captain America and Bucky.

Captain America and Bucky failed to stop the murders of other family members Phillip Avery and Jim Slade, but came to the defense of young Lucy Harrow. In the ensuing struggle with the White Death, Josiah's brother broke free and both the White Death and Clinton were stopped. The White Death was unmasked as Miguel and both he and Clinton were turned over to the authorities[1].



As the White Death Miguel used a knife and a gun.


Years later during a period when Captain America was believed to have died, Iron Man would go through his file maintained by the Avengers that covered Captain America's career. Among the many cases revisited in the file was his encounter with the White Death[2].

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