The Many-Souled Ones, or elder gods, were creatures who walked the Earth before Man or animal.

Those creatures were so huge that their bodies contained multiple souls.

They lived and died before there was a Heaven, and their souls had consequently nowhere to go, and were locked in their bones.[1]

Modern Age

Many-Souled Ones from Secret Avengers Vol 1 19 0001

A Many-Souled One's grave examined by Voydanoi's employees

The grave of such creatures was found in the forest of Transia by employees of the druglord Voydanoi, based in Symkaria. They exhumed it and found its bones, which were identified by a shaman and the oldest man in Transia.

Voydanoi consequently used it, by crushing and smoking the bones' bits, to enhance his henchmen while intending to sell it to the Shadow Council, prompting the intervention of the Secret Avengers.[1]

The grave was later witnessed by Karnak while he was aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Battlecarrier Pericles over Transia.[3]

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