Mar-Sohn was in the city New Kree-Lar when his planet was bombarded by the phenomenon known as the White Event. After it passed, Mar-Sohn was completely transformed into Kree-Pama's Nightmask. [1]

Sohn travelled all of Kree-Pama to look for the rest of the heralds. He came upon Joras-Kyl who was transformed into the Cipher at the Oceanic Science Station Pama-16. [2]

Nightmask's next journey led him and Cipher to the Temple of Pama, where they were introduced Trrunk, the Justice of the Kree. [3]

After the three were together, they returned to New Kree-Lar to search for Va-Sohn, Mar-sohn's sister, who was the candidate to become the Kree Starbrand after Kree-Pama's Last White Event. As they fond her, the White Event started, and, due to the absence of a Spitfire, the entity which would provide a counterforce to Starbrand's powers, the first thing she did with her newly acquired powers was to kill her brother and Trrunk, stating that all she needed was the intelligence Cipher could provide. [4]

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