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Mar-Vell's Laboratory from Captain Marvel (film)
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Mar-Vell's Laboratory
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Captain Marvel
(March 6, 2019)


Mar-Vell's Laboratory is an Imperial Kree space cruiser which Mar-Vell used for experiments and inventions. She then decided during the Kree-Skrull War to build a Light-Speed Engine and help the Skrull refugees move far away from the Kree to a safer planet. In 1989, however, Mar-Vell was killed on Earth by Yon-Rogg. For the next six years, the laboratory was inhabited by Skrull refugees, including Talos' wife and daughter. This is also where the Tesseract was kept.[1]

In 1995, the laboratory was visited by Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Talos, Maria Rambeau and Goose the Flerken. The Kree soon found out their location and attacked. Goose swallowed the Tesseract while Danvers, Fury, Talos and Rambeau defeated the Kree. After the attack, the Skrull refugees were taken by Danvers to a safer location away from the Kree.[1]

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