The past history of Mar-Vell of Earth-7812 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until his interactions with Rick Jones. In this reality, Rick had become the Hulk instead of Bruce Banner. Similar to on Earth-616, Rick Jones would be tricked into bonding himself to Mar-Vell through the Nega-Bands, and the two would share a dual life. While Captain Mar-Vell would operate on Earth, Rick would be shunted to the Negative Zone where he would have to fend for himself against it's ruler Annihilus.

Also like on Earth-616, Mar-Vell would be caught in the middle of the Kree/Skrull War along with the Avengers, the results of which remain mostly unrecorded but likely mirror that of Earth-616. Like in that reality, the Supreme Intelligence would utilize Rick's Destiny Force to win the war, temporarily freeing him from his bond to Mar-Vell and curing him of being the Hulk for the time being. However the use of the Destiny Force would almost kill Rick necessitating Mar-Vell to fully bond his life force to Rick and restore their shared existence. Rick, having seemingly cured himself of being the Hulk, would be less than impressed with this arrangement and would keep Mar-Vell under wraps while he tried to live his life.

However, Rick would have to trade places with Mar-Vell when he was threatened by Megaton, shunting Rick into the Negative Zone. Once more, Rick would have to live a shared existence with Mar-Vell and their adventures would presumably match that of their Earth-616 counterparts. In this reality however, Rick's girlfriend Lou-Ann Savannah would recruit Bruce Banner and Reed Richards to try and pull Rick out of the Negative Zone. When Rick would once more be terrorized by Annihilus, it would be during Mar-Vell's battle against Nitro. When Rick would attempt to call Mar-Vell back to the Negative Zone, it would be when the Kree is temporarily knocked out by exposure to Compound 13. Forced to transform into the Hulk, Rick would battle the Hulk, their fight briefly interrupted when the time limitation between their body switch would wear off, sending the still unconscious Mar-Vell into the Negative Zone. The Hulk however would switch places again, and in the aftermath of the battle, Rick would be separate from the Hulk and freed from the Negative Zone.

No longer bonded to Rick, Captain Marvel would bid farewell and part as friends to seek his destiny in the stars. His current activities remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Mar-Vell of Earth-616.

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