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Captain Mar-Vell is a xenobiologist of the Kree Empire, investigating humans for three years, considering them too valuable to lose. He tried to protect a orbital telescope ground station when the Kree Empire wanted to destroy it using a Sentry robot, considering it a prime target.

In the middle of the battle, a Kree weapon exploded, irradiating his love interest, Carol Danvers.

He betrayed his own people to ally with the Avengers and save Earth.[1] Afterwards, he headed back to the Kree Empire and tried to convince the Supreme Intelligence to leave Earth alone and not to embroil them in their war against the Skrull Empire. He accompanied the return mission along with Yon-Rogg and Ronan the Accuser, who wanted the Earth to surrender to the Kree Empire.

In the following battle against Kree forces and the Avengers, he did not intervene, calling for a peaceful surrender of the Earth. After the defeat of the Kree, he was imprisoned in Prison 42.[2]


When 42 was invaded Marvel was the first to offer his services to fight against the bugs and Annihilus. [3]

When his people invaded Earth and freed Ronan, Marvel aided the Avengers and modified the Quinjets for hyper-space flight. On his home world he begged the Supreme Intelligence to reconsider the humans as they had potential. He explained the powers of Ms. Marvel, Wasp and Captain America and how the humans could help. The Supreme Intelligence ordered the three dissected and Marvel punished for his betrayal. The three broke free from their prisons due to the others having swiped a Kree ship. The reunited Avengers attacked the Supreme Intelligence. After its defeat it began to reboot, before Marvel shot it offline. He said the Empire would fall and the Kree would now all die, before the Avengers convinced him to lead the Kree to a new era of peace, modeled after the adaptability of the Avengers.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Mar-Vell of Earth-616.




Shapeshifting Kree weaponry


  • While Vell's armor is reminiscent to the Ultimate Universe's Captain Marvel's, his transmuting weapons systems are more akin to those of the equipment utilized by Marvel multiversal traveler Marvel Boy.
  • Voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


  • This universe's Phyla-Vell seemingly has no relation with Mar-Vell.

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