Quote1 One child out of eight is born alive. The soldiers refuse to carry out our dead. We have to burn them in piles. Quote2
-- Mar-Vell src
Mar-Vell (Earth-9591)


Reluctant leader of the Kree Liberation Force, sent to invade Earth and "liberate" the humans from their governments, Mar-Vell came across the corpse of the Silver Surfer floating near Mars. Investigating the corpse, the Power Cosmic was released, momentarily negating the fleet's cloaking array. In that moment, a nuclear assault was launched from Earth, devastating the Kree fleet. Those Kree that made their way to dropboxes were imprisoned in a reservation built atop America's former nuclear testing site. Those that survived all contracted cancer, their flesh rotting from their still living bodies. Mar-Vell, their leader in name only, met with Philip Sheldon as he sought to find out what went wrong with the world. Mar-Vell told him the Kree's story, but offered Sheldon no answers.[1]


  • Mar-Vell has cancer like the rest of the Kree of Earth.[1]
  • He is also half-blinded by a mutant cataract.[1]

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