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The history of Mar-Vell of Earth-9997 mirrors much of that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, it is later revealed that due to an agreement between Death, Mephisto and the Supreme Intelligence, all the dead Kree in all the Multiverse would be absorbed into the Supreme Intelligence at death, instead of the greatest minds of their race as originally believed. Mar-Vell would escape this fate due to his unique bond with Rick Jones, and his connection to the Cosmic Consciousness, so that when he died he ended up in the Realm of the Dead.[citation needed]

There, Mar-Vell was initially like everyone else in Death's realm, believing those who were alive to be the ones who were dead and feeling the urge to fight his old foes. However, Mar-Vell eventually came to notice that he was the only Kree in this realm, and began traveling and soon learned the realm's true nature. He soon began to consider how he might escape Death's realm, and soon realized that it was possible to enter and leave the Realm of the Dead following an adventure with the Silver Surfer, who was trapped in that Realm.[citation needed]

In recent times, with the death of Arcturus Rann, and the destruction of the Microverse, the Enigma Force also died and appeared in the Realm of the Dead. It then chose Mar-Vell as a host, giving him the power of Captain Universe. Mar-Vell then began amassing an army of the dead, convincing them of the truth of their condition and amassing an army in his eventual quest to destroy Death.[citation needed]

To facilitate this, Mar-Vell used his Enigma Force powers to contact those in the realm of the living of the danger posed to Earth by the release of the Terrigen Mists in Earth's atmosphere. In addition, he convinced Adam Warlock and Her to visit the Grimm family, where they sought the assistance of Alicia Masters-Grimm, who had the ability to give life to the lifeless, to impregnate Her. This baby became a reborn Mar-Vell who would be linked to his counterpart in the Realm of the Dead.[citation needed]

When Her gave birth to the child, it was taken to safety when Doom's Castle was stormed by mutates who believed that the birth of a purely human child would mark the end of their super-human abilities (this was possibly instigated by Mephisto). Baby Mar-Vell was taken to Atlantis, where he was raised by Agatha Harkness, and under the protection of Namor for the next three years.[citation needed]

At about this time, in the Realm of the Dead, Mar-Vell convinced Susan Richards that she was dead with the aid of her brother Johnny and Dr. Doom (both of whom joined Mar-Vell's cause) and in the realm of the living, the now three year old Mar-Vell facilitated in creating a new body for Susan in the realm of the living using one of Reed Richards' arms, Adam Warlock's Soul Gem and Alicia Grimm's mutate gift.[citation needed]

After the successful resurrection of Sue, Mar-Vell sought out Captain America and began his quest to collect items of power on Earth which would be used to destroy Death. As Mar-Vell continued to gather forces to aid him (with the assistance of the Realm Mar-Vell, a group of followers who transported themselves to the Realm of the Dead through the Negative Zone). In the land of the living, Mar-Vell and Captain America gathered the following items:

In New York, they collected the cloak once worn by Tyrone Johnson (aka Cloak) from Tandy Bowen (Dagger), so that they may use it to transport to the various locations. They traveled to Japan seeking the Orb and Eye of Agamotto, and Mandarin's Rings, then to the Britain to collect the Books of Vishanti and Darkhold in the Siege Perilous. There they met Merlin, Roma and Psylocke, and Merlin gave Mar-Vell a portion of the Cosmic Consciousness that was used to create a construct based on Arthur Pendragon. Upon leaving the Siege, they realized that they were being followed by Death, Cap believed that Death was after Mar-Vell.[citation needed]

In their next travel to the Savage Land to collect Anti-Metal, they had to travel into Limbo and battle the Dire Wraiths. There they were also given Rom's Neutralizer weapon by Rom himself, who had continued his war against the Wraiths in Limbo. They also were tempted by Mephisto who offered Captain America a globe that would allow them to travel to any point in history; Cap rejected this globe knocking it into a frozen Belasco, which transported him into the past.[citation needed]

Next they sought the Quantum Bands, which were last in the possession of Rick Jones, now a member of the Hydra. Arriving at the Hydra's base, Cap and Mar-Vell soon realized that the power in the bands were now gone (and further, Rick had since lost one, having lost an arm through unknown circumstance). When Marv told Cap that those who joined the Hydra were dead, and it was the parasites that controlled them, Cap banished all the Hydras to Limbo with the Neutralizer, but the device was destroyed when he tried to banish Death to Limbo as well, and Cap failed in doing so.[citation needed]

Next, Mar-Vell brought Cap to Mount Rushmore to collect Doolittle's Dimensional Doorway. They succeeded in collecting the Dimensional Doorway, however Cap died in battle defending Mar-Vell from the Night People that lived there. After Mar-Vell was rescued by various heroes answering Cap's distress call, and after Cap's funeral in New York, a number of Earth's heroes joined with Mar-Vell to continue his quest: the Hulk, X-Men, Venom and Thor all joined Mar-Vell's quest.[citation needed]

They traveled next to HEL Laboratories, where they used the Prometheus Pit to free the Ant Men, and collect the Psycho-Man's emoto-caster. They went to the Moon where they forced Uatu to hand over the Ultimate Nullifier. There they also found that X-51 had uncovered the Supreme Intelligence, who was stationed there. When Mar-Vell learned the truth of what happened to the souls of all the dead Kree, he picked up Thor's hammer and smashed the Supreme Intelligence's containment glass killing the Intelligence and freeing all the Kree souls. Not only did this bolster Mar-Vell's ranks in the Realm of the Dead, giving him an entire army of Kree to fight his cause, but it shook the very foundation of Thor's belief system and allowed her to believe that she was but a pawn of Odin her entire life.[citation needed]

Mar-Vell next traveled to Wakanda to collect the Cosmic Cube from the Black Panther, and aid him in fighting off an attack by the Wendigos. During the conflict, Mar-Vell revealed that Black Panther unintentionally broke Captain America's vow to never allow anyone to use the Cube when his subconscious desire to be able to speak with nature prompted the Cube to turn the animals in Wakanda into the Ani-Men. Shamed, Black Panther turned the Cube over to Mar-Vell.[citation needed]

Mar-Vell then collected the High Evolutionary's Transmogrification device from his base on Wundagore Mountain, where he found Him, who joined with Mar-Vell. They also collected Kyle Richmond, X-51, and traveled to the Savage Land to save those there from the Dire Wraths and revealed to Belasco that he was really Kurt Wagner. Mar-Vell eventually collected Kyle's gifted eyes, and also prevented Mephisto from tricking Immortus to use Dr. Doom's time machine to travel back in time and create another divergent reality.[citation needed]

While in the Realm of the Dead, Mar-Vell led his army against the forces of Death, however with the addition of Richmond's eyes to his power base, Mar-Vell was rendered inert until the final piece was collected in the realm of the living: the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic.[citation needed]

In the realm of the living this was made more complicated with the resurrection of the Absorbing Man, who literally absorbed the entire island of Manhattan, and was attempting to put out the final Human Torch. But upon doing so, he awoke the Surfer, who had been mourning the loss of Shalla-Bal in the Torch since it was erected. During the battle, the Vision tricked the Absorbing Man to absorb his intangibility, which prevented the Silver Surfer from sacrificing himself to give his power to Mar-Vell. However, Vision was convinced to allow the Absorbing Man to become tangible again to save Earth and Mar-Vell was able to absorb the Surfer.[citation needed]

In the Realm of the Dead, Mar-Vell sprung back to life just before Mephisto had a chance to rend Mar-Vell apart. Mar-Vell was about to destroy Death with the Ultimate Nullifier, when he was stopped by Thanos. Mar-Vell then revealed to Thanos, that Death used the image of his own mother to manipulate Thanos to do her bidding. In a fit of rage, Thanos used the Nullifier himself to kill Death, in spite of her attempt to stop them.[citation needed]

With the death of Death, Mar-Vell used the remaining items he collected to create a new realm called Paradise. This realm was for those in the Realm of the Dead that admitted that they were truly dead. Those admitted to this realm would be given a portion of the Cosmic Cube to consume, and they were granted with the power to create a reality that was for each person their ideal paradise. Mar-Vell then used the High Evolutionary's Transmogrifier to create the Avenging Host, a group of "angels" to defend the realm (Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Victor von Doom, Matt Murdock, Black Bolt, Hank Pym, and Phoenix).[citation needed]

While in the realm of the living, the young Mar-Vell became disconnected from his counterpart in Paradise. This version of Mar-Vell realized the result of his quest in the Realm of the Dead: with the death of Death, nobody in the land of the living would die. This caused a disaster of untold proportion with the addition of Mephisto, now trapped on Earth, mortally wounding anyone and everyone. Mar-Vell became an object of scorn; however he took up residence in one of the many hospitals on Earth for the suffering. He later aided the Earth's greatest minds into finding a replacement for Death, which they found in the shape of Jude the Entropic Man.[citation needed]

In Paradise, Mar-Vell not only appeared to be unaware of the problems plaguing those in the realm of the living, he also apparently was not aware of the fact that the more people who were admitted to Paradise, the more realm would expand and begin swallowing up the Negative Zone. Soon the Avenging Host turned against their master, who also allowed Paradise to be invaded by the dead Kree soldiers who came to claim the realm for the Kree Empire. However, when Reed Richards traveled into Paradise through the Negative Zone, Mar-Vell revealed that this was all part of a grander plan, and that the expansion of Paradise wasn't destroying the Negative Zone, but making everything that was swallowed up by the Paradise barrier protected from further manipulation by the Elders of the Universe, and push the Elders out of this reality. It was revealed that the Elders sought to use the Realm of the Dead as a means of unifying the shattered reality and reincorporate it so that they could recreate their original universe.[citation needed]

With his intentions revealed, Mar-Vell decided that it was time to depart and explore the Multiverse, perhaps finding the original universe. Before departing he would endow his vast power to Reed Richards, before leaving Paradise. The fate of the young Mar-Vell remains unrevealed.[citation needed]



In the past, Mar-Vell has the same powers and abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart. When he was in the Real of the Dead, he also had the same power. He would eventually be empowered with the Enigma Force, giving him the abilities of Captain Universe, later he would collected the shattered fragments of the Cosmic Consciousness, and also the Power Cosmic, giving him vast cosmic power and enough power to create the realm of Paradise. Mar-Vell eventually got so powerful his power was equal to Eternity.[citation needed]

This power has since been relinquished to Reed Richards, however Mar-Vell apparently retained some powers as he has been traveling to different realities. The young Mar-Vell on Earth was as human being who did not have a Celestial Seed in his biology, he had no super-human abilities and no potential for mutation to gain super-human powers. However, when he was linked to his counterpart in the Realm of the Dead, he had a connection to Mar-Vell's growing omnipotence in that realm. When Mar-Vell in the Realm of the Dead killed Death, this link was severed.[citation needed]


Presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart, however becoming as powerful as Eternity, there are no limits to Mar-Vell's abilities. Presently his abilities are unknown.[citation needed]


The young Mar-Vell's weaknesses are related to his young age and still developing body.[citation needed]



For a time Mar-Vell had access to the Ultimate Nullifier, Anti-Metal, the Book of the Vishanti, the Book of Darkhold, the Orb and Eye of Agamotto, Psycho-Man's Emoto-caster, High Evolutionary's transmogrification device, the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, Kyle Richmond's eyes, the Cosmic Consciousness, and the Mandarin's Power Rings.


The Young Mar-Vell used Captain America's Shield for protection after Cap's death. He could have used the above mentioned equipment for defensive capabilities, however he only ever attempted to use the Ultimate Nullifier as as weapon.


The young Mar-Vell would travel around the world via a cloak once worn by Tyrone Jackson, the costumed hero known as Cloak. This device would allow Mar-Vell to transport anywhere by traveling through the darkforce realm. However those who traveled through the cloak were forced to witness visions of tragedies of their lives.

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