Part of a training program, with the intent of eventually replacing Earth's heroes. The Skrull was permanently turned into a copy of the Kree warrior, Mar-Vell, to avoid any possible detection. However, a problem emerged when the real Mar-Vell died. The Skrull was no longer useful to the training program. And he couldn't return to his true form, preventing him from returning to his normal life. However, he wasn't just going to lie down and die. The Skrull allied himself with two other Skrulls in the same situation, posing as the deceased heroes, John Proudstar and Adam Warlock.

After some time, they had a run-in with Kitty Pryde, whom they mistook for her Skrull impostor and took her prisoner. Realizing that she was the real deal and that Galactus was about to arrive, they let her go and joined forces with her and Wolverine, in an attempt to save their people and the X-Men. The Skrull was ultimately gunned down by another Skrull, when he attempted to stop a Skrull General from keeping people from getting onboard a spaceship.[citation needed]



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