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Mara was once Conan's playmate. She wished him luck for his age ceremony on his fifteenth birthday.[3] She was destined to become his bride, if he had remained in the Snowhawk village.[1]

At some point while Conan was away, he wronged the wizard Thoth-Amon, who chose to take revenge on the barbarian by taking his home. He achieved this by taking control of the dogs of Gwawl, the Dog-Keeper, and slowly infecting everyone else in Snowhawk Village including Mara. Eventually Conan returned home, with many gifts from his adventurers across Hyboria, but was forced to use these gifts to non-fatally stop the Snowhawk Tribe before he killed Gwawl, freeing Mara and the Cimmerians from Thoth-Amon's control. The tribe then killed the remaining Wild Dogs of Cimmeria.[4]

Years later, Mara's village was raided by Vanir raiders led by Thorfel the Fair. Mara was taken, with the intent of being made Thorfel's bride. Conan attempted to rescue her, but Mara had had already killed herself with Thorfel's dagger rather than marry him. Conan eventually killed Thorfel in revenge.[5]

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