Mara was a member of a nomadic Atlantean colony. One day she met Todd Arliss aka the Tiger Shark who was going by the identity of Arlys Tigershark. She tried to help the criminal reject his violent nature, and the pair married. The couple soon conceived a child, and upon visiting an Atlantean Seer, the mother-to-be was given the prediction that the child was to be a boy.

Unbeknownst to her, her husband had heard news of an unknown evil lurking near the colony, but in his ignorance he chose to ignore it. One night whilst the couple was discussing their future, they and the rest of the Atlantean colony were attacked by the Faceless Ones. Though her husband tried to fight them off, Mara, their child, and the rest of her colony, were murdered. Mara's husband was the sole survivor.[1]


  • Atlantean Abilities: Mara possesses the conventional attributes of Homo mermanus: gills that extract oxygen from water, superhuman physiology to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and acute vision. She can swim at approximately 30 miles per hour. She can remain out of water for approximately nine minutes before beginning to suffocate. However, she can operate on the surface by wearing a water-filled helmet or using a chemical that enables him to draw oxygen from the air.

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