This incarnation of Queen Maraud is only seen in flashbacks.

Maraud is the queen of the Snarks. Just like her Earth-616 counterpart, she is a ruthless dictator who rules the Snarks with Iron Fist. She keeps her subjects, who are all her children, at bay through fear and with her royal jelly, which the Snarks consider a delicacy and which she allows them some off if they successfully perform an assignment. Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart however, she appears to be the only Snark Queen and thus the highest leader of the race, whereas Earth-616 Maraud was queen of just 1 clan of Snarks, who were all ruled by an emperor.

At some point, she made contact with Douglas Carmody and gave him valuable information concerning an antimatter converter called the Annihilator. Thanks to this information, Carmody was able to start up Project PEGASUS and hire James Power to finish the Annihilator for him. However, all of this was actually part of a plan by Maraud to get her hands on the Annihilation Formula, which she wanted to use as a weapon. She had her soldiers capture James Power and his wife in order to extract the formula from his mind. Her plan was thwarted when Aelfyre Whitemane gave his powers to Power Pack, who then proceeded to rescue their parents from the Snarks and destroy the Annihilator. Furious about this defeat, Maraud personally attacked Power Pack on their smartship Friday, but in the fight the team uses Fridays mind probe device against her to wipe her memory. Katie then uses some crayon drawings to re-educate Maraud into believing that the Snarks are a peaceful an all-loving race, turning her into a pacifist.

However, in Power Pack Vol 3 1, the Snark Skratt attempts to capture Power Pack on behalf of his queen, suggesting that Maraud somehow got back to her old ways again.


Seemingly those of Maraud (Earth-616)#Powers.

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