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Maraud is one of the Queen Mothers who rule the various Zn'rx clans. Like the other queens, she is married to the Emperor.

Maraud was by far the most power-hungry of all the Snarks. Unwilling to wait for the current emperor, Bhadsha to die, she tried several times to get him killed so her son, Jakal, could become emperor. Her first scheme was to kidnap James Power in order to steal his plans for a matter/antimatter converter. Power Pack stopped her and since then, she has relentlessly attempted to kidnap Power Pack in order to steal their powers or use them in her attempt to gain leadership of Snarkworld.

She secretly poisoned Bhadsha so that she could set her son Jakal up as a puppet emperor under her control. She managed to capture the team and transfer their powers to him, but this proved too much for the Snark prince and he went insane, turning against Maraud and everyone else who dared to stand up to him untill Power Pack managed to reclaim their powers from him. After her son seemingly died and Maraud's treachery was exposed, she was banished from Snarkworld.

From that moment, she sought vengance on Power Pack and on the Kymellians that caused her downfall. She threatened to destroy the Kymellians' home, Kymellia II, but all the Kymellians escaped and settled on a new planet. She also captured Power Pack again and once more stole their powers (or rather, she made them give her the powers in return for her promise that she would spare the Kymellians), this time for herself to use. She had more succes than Jakal at controlling these powers, and planned to use them to become the first empress of Snarkworld. Helped by the Force Four, Power Pack was able to again reclaim their powers and stop Maraud.

After this defeat, she teamed up with the Kymellian Technocrat, who just like her hated Power Pack because he lost his position of power now that the Kymellians had moved to Kymellia III. Together they kidnapped Alex Power, James Power and Margareth Power, and replaced them with pseudoplasm copies. The copies however began to malfunction (with the Alex copy reverting back to a Kymellian form and the Margareth copy going insane), and Power Pack figured out what had happened. This led to yet another confrontation between the team and Maraud. This time, Maraud seemingly died when her ship exploded.[1]

Several years later however, it was revealed that both Maraud and Jakal were still alive. Because of Maraud's doing, Jakal's consciousness had usurped that of the Emperor.[2]. Along with her son, who was basically a puppet Emperor under her control, she planned to wage a war against the various Queen mothers to put them back in line and stop their attempts to eliminate him in order to make one of their sons Emperor. She also planned to restore the Zn'rx empire to its former glory. Power Pack once again got dragged into the battle. With the help of the Kymellians and the Zn'rx clans that refused to acknowledge Jakals reign, like Prince Sobak, queen mother Destrak, and their armies, they managed to fight back against Jakal's forces. Jakal meanwhile began to grow tired of his dominating mother, and eventually rebelled against her, strangling her to death before being defeated himself by Power Pack[3].

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