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The Marauders are a team of superpowered mercenaries who work directly for Mr. Sinister. At the moment, the team consists of Scalphunter, Prism, Riptide, and Vertigo.

When first seen, the Marauders are fighting the X-Men for some unknown reason. Power Pack was attracted to the fight and tried to help the X-Men, but only ended up getting in the way and the Marauders defeated the X-Men.

Later, the Marauders captured Cyclops, who had stayed behind to investigate the matter further, and took him to Sinister's laboratory. Power Pack interfere again and this time, with Cyclops help, they were able to defeat the Marauders. Before the other X-Men cold arrive however, Sinister teleported himself and the Marauders away to an unknown destination.

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