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Kate Pryde formed a team to help transport mutants who could not reach Krakoa on their own.
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When Kate Pryde learned that she could not return to Krakoa through its Gateways, she ended up hijacking a boat to return to the country. Upon her return, she was contacted by Emma Frost, who told her of a dire situation involving mutants - while many countries accepted Krakoa's sovereignty, others did not, using militaristic, technological, or ideological means to prevent mutants from reaching Krakoa.

After learning of one such incident in Russia following Iceman's near death experience, Kate asked him and Storm to help liberate the refugees, recruiting Pyro on the way there. Upon freeing the mutants in Vladivostok, Kate proclaimed her group the "Marauders" to the public, though she admitted it was a hasty name designed so their enemies couldn't pin their actions on the X-Men.[1]


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