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Synopsis for "Leave None to Tell the Tale"

Storm finds Forge at Krakoa’s distillery, Port Genosha, where the inventor has been working with Tempo and Sebastian Shaw on a rapidly aged batch of whiskey. Storm tells him about the power-dampening armor the Russians have been using against mutants, and that it seems to be based on the technology he created for the U.S. government. Forge says that while he destroyed the plans before he quit, one of his colleagues had a photographic memory.

Later, Sophie Cuckoo briefs the Quiet Council on the power-dampening weapons. Bishop has obtained intel about a boat being used as a factory for their manufacture. Plus, Forge’s old colleague disappeared just after Xavier’s global announcement about Krakoa. Sophie then tells the Council that the Marauders are on their way to the ship. Magneto says they should show no mercy.

Before her death, Kate Pryde emailed Nightcrawler to vent about her troubles with the Krakoan gates. Kurt’s response comes after her murder. He tells Kate not to lose hope and assures her that the work she and the Marauders have done to rescue mutants is critical to Krakoa’s survival. He promises that they will find a way to bring her back to life.

The Marauders ambush the Russian freighter at sea. Iceman, aided by Storm, manifests an iceberg that lifts the ship completely out of the water. Suddenly, the Mercury - in the form of a flying saucer rather than its usual submarine configuration - appears in the sky above the ship. Bishop and Forge teleport down to the deck of the freighter and rescue Forge’s colleague, Daniels, who is being held prisoner.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost and Pyro teleport below deck. With a combination of sex appeal and telepathy, Emma takes out a number of the crew. She and Pyro make their way to the bridge, where Callisto, blade in hand, has stopped the captain from initiating the ship’s self-destruct sequence. The Marauders then gather the Russian crew on deck and beam them up to the Mercury before destroying the freighter. The Cuckoos wipe the crew’s minds of all memories from the last month and replace them with pro-mutant and anti-discrimination feelings. The Mercury then drops the Russian crew off in Moscow.

Back on Krakoa, Forge thanks Daniels for sabotaging the power dampeners so that they worked for a shorter amount of time. He then tells his old friend that he can’t return home. Emma wipes Daniels’ memories of his work, and Daniels is sent to the Rio Verde retirement community. There, he joins Masque for a game of golf.

The Five and Charles Xavier stand over yet another failed attempt at resurrecting Kate. Egg tells Xavier he doesn’t think she can be brought back. Xavier solemnly agrees and says he’ll inform Emma of their decision.

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The Marauders set their sights on the power-dampening technology that seems to have made its way into far too many hands – most notably, the Russian Army. The Hellfire’s wrath with be swift and harsh.

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