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Quote1.png Yes, of course. Her husk never stirs. We've been waiting for her body to break into the world. But Kate doesn't smash barriers... she ignores them. Quote2.png
White Queen

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Synopsis for "To Live and Die on Krakoa"

Perched alone on one of the roofs of the Red Keep, Nightcrawler silently reads a letter he wrote to Kate Pryde after her death. In it, Kurt shares the latest news of Krakoa and tells her that the Marauders have continued their work rescuing mutants. He then teleports down to the beach of Hellfire Bay, where a number of mutants are gathered for Kate’s funeral service. Kate’s friends place roses into her open casket before it is borne out to sea. Magik then conjures a flame that Pyro casts onto the casket to create a funeral pyre.

Emma Frost is the first to leave the beach. It is only after she returns to the White Palace and shuts the door behind her that she allows her grief to overcome her, collapsing on the floor. As she cries, she hears a crash from another room. When she goes to investigate she finds Lockheed perched on a telescope in the study. Emma rushes to the dragon and asks him to show her what happened to him and Kate. Emma enters his mind and sees a telepathic image of Sebastian Shaw. Enraged, Emma turns diamond and punches the wall with a scream. She promises Lockheed that Shaw will pay, then takes him to the Healing Gardens.

Emma telepathically reaches out to Charles Xavier and asks him to have The Five try resurrecting Kate one more time. Xavier says that Nightcrawler has convinced him to try again, but that it will be the last time they give Kate resurrection priority over other mutants.

Meanwhile, Storm meets a woman named Delores Ramirez on the Metro in Washington, D.C. Ramirez works on the government’s X-Desk and previously warned the mutants of Verendi’s plot to poison a shipment of Krakoan medicine. When the train car empties, Storm thanks Ramirez for the tip. Ramirez, in turn, thanks Storm for the Krakoans making sure the medicine goes to people in need.

In Arbor Magna, The Five stand with Xavier, Emma, Lockheed, and Nightcrawler, staring down at what they believe to be yet another failed attempt to resurrect Kate. Nightcrawler mentions Kate’s “unique” physiology and a lightbulb goes on for Emma. She realizes that Kate’s husk never breaks out of its egg because it is out of phase. Emma telepathically guides the husk to phase through the shell, then takes her hand and leads her out.

After Xavier uploads Kate’s consciousness and memories up to the week before her death. Emma and Kate hug. Speaking telepathically, Kate guesses correctly that Shaw is her killer. She then promises Emma they’ll fix whatever has been broken.

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The Marauders…the Hellfire Trading Company…all of Krakoa is reeling from the death of Kate Pryde.


  • Kate was finally revived at the eighteenth attempt, which, as a jew, has special meaning, since the number 18 means "life".[1]

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