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Red Queen

Appearing in "The New Phase"

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Synopsis for "The New Phase"

Emma Frost and Storm introduce the resurrected Kate Pryde to a crowd made up of mutants the Marauders have rescued. Emma and Kate then travel on horseback down the beach of Hellfire Bay towards the Red Keep. Kate pulls up and asks Emma to show her what she learned from Lockheed about her death. Emma shows her Lockheed’s memory of Sebastian Shaw standing triumphant as the dragon struggled in the water. Kate then telepathically shares with Emma an idea for getting revenge on Shaw. Emma laughs at Kate’s deviousness and they continue to the Keep, where Kate’s friends are waiting to celebrate her return.

Kate finds Nightcrawler and hugs him. Kurt returns her Star of David necklace and says the answers she’s looking for will reveal themselves when she is ready for them. Magik teleports into the party with a full mariachi band and tackles Kate to the ground in a bear hug. Sebastian Shaw appears and gives Kate a bottle of Krakoan whiskey as a welcome back gift. Kate hugs Shaw, much to the Black King’s surprise, and coldly thanks him for his gift. Kate takes a swig of the whiskey and hands the bottle to Wolverine, then pulls Magik aside and tells Illyana she needs to get out of there. Illyana obliges and teleports them both first to the Marauder - where Kate collects her red captain’s coat - and then to get a bite to eat.

Kate and Magik part ways on the street outside a burger joint. Kate finishes her burger and walks to a nearby tattoo parlor, where she has “KILL SHAW” inked on her knuckles. As she leaves, Kate kisses the tattoo artist and asks her how to get to the harbor.

Solicit Synopsis


The Black King removed the Red Queen from the board…what move will the White Queen make?

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