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Quote1.png I have been a protector longer than I have been a wife. I know the sacrifices that must be made. I know who I am. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 05"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 05"

Standing in a garden on Krakoa, Storm steels herself for what she must do. As one of the prophesized champions of Otherworld in the upcoming tournament against Arakko, Storm must find the blade Skybreaker. Forged by the first king of Wakanda from the precious metal vibranium, the weapon acts as a conduit and never loses its edge. Storm travels to Wakanda to petition Queen-Mother Ramonda and Shuri for their aid. She tells them of the coming tournament and the danger posed by Arakko and the First Horsemen. The Queen offers Wakanda's finest weapons and the aid of its armies, but when Storm tells her that the rules of the tournament dictate that she needs Skybreaker, Ramonda tells her that only the king may wield the blade, and that she may ask him when he returns in a few days. Storm agrees to remain as an honored guest while waiting for him.

Shuri suspects Storm and brings her dinner hoping to speak with her and dissuade her from attempting to steal the sword. The two discuss the tournament and the relations between Krakoa and Wakanda, and between Storm and her ex-husband T'Challa. Storm is adamant that she will do what she must to save not only Krakoa, but the entire planet, from the coming threat. She grows tired of the discussion and asks Shuri to save her a place for breakfast the next day. As Shuri departs, Storm prepares to break into the temple where Skybreaker is held.

Recalling a detailed tour T'Challa once gave her of the temple and its defenses, Storm succeeds in breaking in and stealing the blade, only to be intercepted by Shuri. The two fight, with Storm gaining the upper hand. Before she can return to Krakoa through the portal she planted, she is confronted by T'Challa and his guards. T'Challa is mournful that she did not wait for him, saying he would have helped her had she asked, while Storm tells him that she is doing what she must to save both her people and the world. T'Challa allows her to leave with Skybreaker, but orders the portal to Krakoa destroyed. With her sword retrieved, Storm joins Magik and Wolverine and awaits the remaining champions.

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A secret flight. A long journey. A Thief and a Queen.

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