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Quote1.png I have been dancing with you my entire life... first as a girl living on the streets, and later as leader of the X-Men... a role that taught me to sway death. So I neither fear nor desire you, but I know you... and this is as close as I will allow you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 13"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 13"

In anticipation of the coming tournament, Saturnyne has invited the champions of Krakoa and Arakko to a feast in the Starlight Citadel, featuring all the finest delicacies of Otherworld. As the champions mingle, Death approaches Storm. Before the two can chat, War interjects, asking why her brother would waste his time on the weak Krakoans. Death tells his sister that Storm does not fear them, and she answers by adorning his mask with a flower from her drink, and telling him that it is he, rather than the more aggressive War, that is going to be a problem for them. She then walks over to Wolverine, who is drinking alone. He asks if she's going to talk him out of his plan, but she answers no, and tells him not to miss.

The doors to the banquet halls are opened, and as the guests stream in, Saturnyne introduces them to her court. Wolverine spots Brian Braddock, and approaches him, blaming him for not simply giving Saturnyne, who is in love with him, what she wants and averting the tournament. When Brian responds that he is married, Wolverine retorts that he too once was married, but Cypher, Magik and Cable are all too young to have ever experienced that kind of love, and may never get the chance as they risk their lives in the tournament, all because Brian will not give Saturnyne what she wants.

While ostensibly enjoying their drinks, Magik and Gorgon are examining their opponents, trying to discern their strengths and weaknesses. They approach Isca the Unbeaten and attempt to find out which hand she favors by dropping their drinks. She catches both, revealing herself to be ambidextrous. She turns the trick against them, but Magik uses her powers to save the glasses and prevent them from giving away which hand they favor. Gorgon tells Magik to kill as many as she can as quickly as possible, for he fears that Isca will break them.

Cable notices Death watching Storm, and she approaches him to ask for a dance. Death asks first if she fears him, and then if she desires him. He comments that the other Krakoan sword bearers have tasted death many times, but not Storm. She corrects him, saying she has faced death many times, both as a child and an X-Man. She responds that she neither fears nor desires him, but that she knows him, and will not allow him any closer.

As dinner is served, Saturnyne asks Wolverine what is on his mind. War encourages him to speak, poisoning his food as he stands. He tells Saturnyne that she can just take what she wants without creating so much collateral damage. She responds that she doesn't expect him to understand the reasons for the changes to come, and elaborates by saying that death is change, and everything dies. Wolverine suddenly pops his claws, and runs her through.

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A toast. A dance. A dinner served: Part I.

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