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Quote1.png Or perhaps these mutants were grown on a better world than ours. If we had set roots on Krakoa, we would have grown in the sun, and-- Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 14"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 14"

After Wolverine stabs and kills Saturnyne, the events unfold quickly. The Arakki, bolstered by the hordes of Amenth, stream through the External Gate and soon overwhelm Krakoa. Earth's heroes are called upon, but to no avail, as the Arakki quickly overwhelm Earth, with Wolverine forced to watch his world die. Suddenly, Saturnyne emerges and returns the favor by stabbing Wolverine with his own claws. She reveals that this is what will happen if she is killed, or Wolverine and his people fail, and Wolverine re-awakens at the banquet, and sits down, his plan to kill Saturnyne abandoned.

While Wolverine was pre-occupied, Cypher has been eating Wolverine's appetizer. As he returns to his seat, Wolverine smells that the food is poisoned, but it is too late, as Cypher is already choking to death. Isca the Unbeaten performs a tracheotomy, but to no avail, as Cypher is still fading fast. The Krakoans cannot return home without accepting a forfeit, which would doom the Earth. The White Sword deduces that War has poisoned Cypher, and she answers that she intended to poison Wolverine, as there was too much at stake to fight honorably, and she believes that Wolverine will be their great impediment. Refusing to be party to such a cowardly tactic, the White Sword uses his powers to heal Cypher. While the commotion between the Arakki and Krakoans has been going on, Apocalypse and Genesis have remained seated. Apocalypse comments that she did well with raising their children, and Genesis responds that she did her best.

As the commotion rages on, Brian Braddock approaches Saturnyne and asks to speak with her. She freezes time so that they may speak undisturbed, and he requests that as the Arakki have cheated, she disqualify them and declare Krakoa the winners by forfeit. Saturnyne responds that she would have done so, had the Krakoans not also attempted murder at the banquet, referring to Wolverine's attempt at killing her. Saturnyne tells Brian that some accommodation could be made if he returned to her service as Captain Britain, but he responds that those days are past.

As the feast continues, the mutants continue to mingle. War compliments Wolverine on attempting to kill Saturnyne, Death kills a servitor who serves him a scarab, a creature he holds sacred, and Summoner comments to White Sword that Cypher is lucky that White Sword only healed him, as it is within his power to enslave those he resurrects. Gorgon interjects and asks if the White Sword would be able to resurrect himself. He responds that he has no idea, and will never know. Cable comments to Apocalypse and Genesis that meeting each other like this must be weird, but Apocalypse scolds him, telling him "weird" is a human word used to describe a reality too small for their minds to grasp. He tells Cable he will understand this in time, with more experience, leaving Cable dejected.

He and Magik speak to Isca, and ask her to demonstrate her power to never lose. The pair challenge her to various games, only for Isca to win every time. Death and Redroot watch on, as Death dismisses the Krakoans as weak and soft. Redroot muses that perhaps they were grown on a better world than theirs, and that if they too had grown up on Krakoa, things would have been different. Death tells her to set aside such thoughts, and not to attach herself to the weak Krakoans, as they will cull them come dawn.

Wolverine tells Storm of the vision Saturnyne showed him, and tells her they need a plan if they lose the tournament. Saturnyne produces a myriad of cards and draws two to determine the first contest; a duel to the death between Captain Britain and Isca the Unbeaten.

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A toast. A dance. A dinner served: Part II.

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