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Appearing in "The Red Coronation"

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  • Stolen pleasure craft (First and only known appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • The Marauder (First full appearance) (Name first revealed)
  • Marauders’ unnamed sailboat (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "The Red Coronation"

A U.S. Naval Intelligence report details the latest movements of Kate Pryde’s Marauders as they attempt to reach mutants around the world who are being prevented from leaving their home countries for Krakoa. After sinking a whaling vessel on the way to Japan, the group spent time reveling in Tokyo, then hijacked a party boat and set out in pursuit of a Madripoorian cargo ship.

The Marauders catch up to said cargo ship, which is being crewed by Batroc the Leaper and his mercenaries. Batroc uses his agility to hold his own against Storm, Pyro, and Iceman, while Kate tangles with one of his crew. Even though the larger man sneaks up on her, Kate easily catches him off-guard and phases him through the side of the boat and overboard. Kate slips below deck and finds a shipment of Krakoan medicine. The drugs were intended for an impoverished African nation, but Batroc’s ship is headed for an American country club instead. Batroc requests a parley and tries to convince Kate to take the shipment to its original destination. He suggests they split the millions of dollars in profit between them. Kate tells Batroc money is of no object to Krakoa. Another shipment has already been dispatched to Africa, which makes Batroc’s cargo more useful as a lesson to his employer. Kate tosses Batroc overboard and orders the Marauders to scuttle the ship. The Marauders then head to Taipei for a rendez-vous.

In a telepathic conversation, Emma Frost offers the Stepford Cuckoos the position of Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Trading Company, but they decline. Emma tells her daughters that the women of Krakoa need to be allies, then exits the astral plane in order to welcome Sebastian Shaw to her office in London. She chides the Black King for his clandestine efforts to send Krakoan drugs to wealthy clients rather than the nations in need that are Hellfire’s priority. Shaw tells Emma that having the Marauders sink his shipment was petty, and that she needs to make it up to him by considering his candidate for the Red Throne. Emma tells Shaw she would, but can’t because the seat is no longer vacant. Shaw rages at her, but Emma says she thinks he’ll be pleased with her selection.

Once the Marauders reach Taipei, Pyro auctions off the pleasure craft and the group goes dancing and drinking before meeting up with Bishop. Bishop scolds them for being late and says he was afraid something had happened to them too. He tells the Marauders that assassins breached Krakoa’s defenses and killed Charles Xavier. The team is rattled, but Iceman tells them to have faith that The Five will bring Xavier back. Kate takes a swig of liquor and walks determinedly into a nearby tattoo parlor. Kate gets “HOLD FAST” inked on her knuckles, while Pyro gets a black skull tattooed on his face. Kate drops wads of cash at the register and kisses the tattoo artist, then grabs a long red trench coat off the coat rack and walks out.

As Kate leaves, she gets a telepathic message from Emma. Emma says “it’s time” and instructs Kate to find Gateway, who is sitting in the street nearby. Kate tells the Marauders they’re going to London, and, although he needs the Marauders’ help in Taipei, Bishop joins them as they step through Gateway’s portal. They materialize on the upper deck of a massive yacht that sits in a London harbor. To Pyro’s elation, Kate informs them all that they are standing on the team’s new boat, the Marauder. Kate then heads ashore, leaving her team to explore their new vessel.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Shaw continues to fume as Emma hands him a drink. The White Queen tells Shaw she won’t allow one-third of the Hellfire Trading Company’s leadership posts to be occupied by his latest sexual conquest. At that, Shaw snaps and grabs Emma, who changes to her diamond form just as Shaw slams her into the wall. Shaw threatens that there won’t be a Red King, but Emma, who hasn't lost her posture, smirks as Kate Pryde interjects from the doorway. Pouring herself a glass of champagne, sword sheathed in her belt, decked out in her new red trench coat, Kate tells Shaw that she is the new Red Queen.

Solicit Synopsis

The Hellfire Trading Company has control of Mutant trade on the seas… but that doesn’t mean its Inner Circle is done stabbing one another in the back. As Captain Pryde and her Marauders sail on, the real cutthroats are back home…

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