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Quote1.png Now it fits me. Tell you what, Emma. I'll take the White on a trial basis. If I like what I see, I'll stick around. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "From Emma, with Love"

Recently: Callisto comes to the White Palace to speak with Emma Frost. Emma wants to enlist Callisto as the White Knight of the Hellfire Trading Company. Her job will be to serve as muscle in Krakoa’s dealings with mutants that don’t trust the new nation. Jumbo Carnation, on hand as Emma’s personal fashion designer, presents Callisto with a white trench coat to match the position. Callisto unsheathes a dagger and slices the sleeves off, making the coat a better fit for her personality. She dons the garment and accepts Emma’s offer. She then hands Jumbo a knife and tells him to aim for the eyes or the groin the next time someone tries to attack him. Jumbo lifts Callisto in a bear hug and Emma says she needs her on Island M.

Now: Callisto greets the Marauder as it docks at Island M. As the mutants the team rescued disembark, Iceman ice-slides over to see Christian Frost on the Mercury, which has pulled in alongside the yacht. Bobby and Christian kiss. Bishop learns from Callisto that the Red Queen hasn’t arrived yet. As Callisto greets Storm with a playful knife toss and a hug, a worried Bishop tells Pyro to sail the Marauder back to Krakoa while he returns to Madripoor.

From their headquarters in Madripoor, Homines Verendi watches the live feed Yellowjacket is broadcasting from Pyro’s optic nerve. Kade Kilgore sends Manuel Enduque to the Krakoan gate to intercept Bishop. He then turns to the Russian ambassador and asks what future intelligence on Krakoa is worth to her government. Wilhelmina Kensington poses an exchange of intel for more Russian power-dampening tech. The ambassador says she’ll be in touch.

Elsewhere, an armed security force guards the Krakoan gate in Madripoor. Bishop is prepared, however, and tosses a grenade through the portal. The explosion sends the guards flying. Bishop rolls through the gate and takes out the two that are left, then turns and sees Manuel Enduque charging at him with a knife. After a brief struggle, Bishop headbutts Enduque and knocks him out. He searches Manuel’s jacket and finds a letter from Verendi to a salvage company with instructions to recover a Verendi ship from international waters. Bishop disguises himself in riot gear from one of the guards, then goes down to the dock and boards the salvage ship as it heads out to sea.

Callisto walks through a gate and onto a golf course in Rio Verde, Arizona, where former Morlock Masque is practicing his putting game. Callisto deposits a duffel bag of money into Masque’s golf cart and tries to convince her old friend that Emma Frost can be trusted.

The agent leading the U.S. government’s X-Desk sends an anonymous text to Kate Pryde warning her of Homines Verendi’s plans to poison a shipment of Krakoan drugs before they hit the market. Later, the agent submits a report that marked currency the government used to purchase an order of the drugs has turned up in Rio Verde, Arizona, suggesting that the Krakoans are somehow involved with the golf courses and retirement communities in the area.

Meanwhile, the Quiet Council has just deadlocked on a vote due to an abstention from Mr. Sinister and Kate Pryde’s absence. Sebastian Shaw scolds the missing Kate for shirking her duties, but Emma lies and says Kate told her she’d be held up on a rescue mission.

A fisherman and his daughter, Ai Tran, pull up one of their nets in Madripoor Bay and are shocked at its contents. Lying on the bottom of their boat is an unconscious purple dragon - Lockheed, half-drowned and near death.

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As Verendi’s plans against Krakoa grow, the Marauders find themselves missing something vital… something that brings Storm and the White Queen to blows. Artist Stefano Caselli (AVENGERS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) joins the crew of the craziest X-series of them all!

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