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Quote1.png Kill no man... that is mutant law... but an eye for an eye -- is man's law. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Furious Anger"

Christian and Emma Frost are showing a group of young mutants how Krakoan drugs are made. Emma leads the children through the gate that connects the Red Farm on Mars to the processing plant on Earth. As they are about to continue the tour with a visit to Island M, Emma gets a telepathic message from Bishop. Bishop, disguised in riot gear on the deck of a salvage ship, tells Emma to look through his eyes and apologizes for what she is about to see. He goes below deck and looks out a window into the water, where Kate Pryde’s corpse is floating. Emma tells Christian to go back to Krakoa and get the Mercury ready to set sail for Madripoor. As Christian takes the children through the gate, a distraught Emma falls to her knees.

In Hellfire Bay, Iceman meets Christian and Emma on the Mercury, where Emma tells him about Kate. Sometime later, the salvage vessel’s submarine recovers Kate’s body. Bishop ambushes the mercenary carrying her body to be autopsied and unzips the body bag. He notices fibrous material wrapped around Kate’s ankles and collects a sample. He then telepathically asks Emma when he should expect his backup. Emma tells him they’re already there just as the ship collides with something.

A group of guards is on high alert in the hold of the salvage ship when the captain radios that they hit an iceberg. The temperature in the hold starts dropping rapidly, freezing the wall and the guards themselves. The outer hatch suddenly shatters, revealing an enraged Iceman. A merc tries to shoot Iceman but his frozen finger snaps off when he tries pulling the trigger. Iceman increases the cold even more, but Bishop appears at his shoulder and tells him to stop. Bobby remembers himself of the Krakoan law to “kill no man”, and decides to send a different message instead. He walks up to the nearest mercenary and breaks off his frozen arm. Iceman then pulls the cold air out of the room and he and Bishop are teleported to the Mercury. The submarine heads to Arbor Magna with Kate’s body; Emma returns to the White Palace to tell Storm about Kate's death.

Once, a furious Storm flies to the balcony of the White Palace, where Emma waits for her. Storm and Emma argue about why Kate wasn’t better protected, each blaming the other until Storm slaps Emma across the face. Emma says she knows Storm did everything she could. Storm cries and, with an anguished scream, unleashes a massive bolt of lightning into the air around her. In the sad silence that follows, the two women embrace. Emma thanks Storm for her role in mutant resurrection and promises they’ll find a way to bring Kate back. She then jokingly offers to turn diamond so Storm can slap her some more.

Sebastian Shaw sees the lightning flash from the dining room at Blackstone. He congratulates Shinobi on their success on the black market. Shinobi then introduces his selections for Black Knight - the Fenris.

In Madripoor, Lockheed is being nursed back to health by Ai Tran, and the little dragon finally shows signs of life with a belch of fire.

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As Verendi’s plans against Krakoa grow, the Marauders find themselves missing something vital… something that brings Storm and the White Queen to blows. Artist Stefano Caselli (AVENGERS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) joins the crew of the craziest X-series of them all!

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