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In 41, B.C. Marc Antony, one of the triumvirs, was given the Eastern sphere of the Roman Empire to rule. There, he met and fell in love with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, who was also a consort of Julius Caesar during his life. Despite marrying Octavius's sister Octavia, Antony continued to lust after Cleopatra. This led to war with Octavius, which Antony lost, in part because Cleopatra withdrew her fleet at a crucial moment. Aware that Antony was furious with her, Cleopatra sent him false news that she had killed herself because of him. Thus convinced of her love, Antony fell on his sword to join her in death. Hearing of this, Cleopatra commited suicide by allowing herself to be bitten by a poisonous asp.[2]

He was played on TV by Richard Burton.[3]

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