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Quote1.png Return what you've taken -- and I'll let you go. This time. But next time -- you won't be so lucky. And I won't be so kind. Quote2.png
Moon Knight

Appearing in "Scarlet Redemption (Part I of V) - Sinners"

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Synopsis for "Scarlet Redemption (Part I of V) - Sinners"

A woman dressed in a red cloak known as Stained Glass Scarlet haunts the streets of Brooklyn armed with a crossbow. She finds Bertrand Crawley and, recognizing him as a friend of Marc Spector (or more specifically, Jake Lockley), fires a crossbow bolt into his shoulder. Crawley runs off and falls through the glass front door of Gena's Diner. Scarlet follows after him, firing several more shots into the diner. She pitches Gena Landers through a window then fires a shot into the oven's gas lines, causing the entire building to explode. Scarlet returns to the church where she lives, confident that her "sweet angel" will come for her.

Elsewhere, Moon Knight stops a group of random hoodlums. Rather than take them down though, he decides to let them off with just a warning. He returns to his manor and tells Marlene and Frenchie about the incident. Frenchie thinks he's nuts for being so easy on the thieves.

That evening, Marc stands before the Statue of Khonshu. He suddenly sees an image of Scarlet flash before his eyes. He knows that Scarlet is destined to come back into his life.

He soon learns about the incident at Gena's Diner. He visits Gena and Crawley in the hospital and promises Gena that he will rebuild the diner. Afterward, he leaves the hospital and goes to the Bronx Memorial Cemetery. A group of nuns, all answering to Scarlet, emerge from the shadows and attack him. Scarlet appears and fires a crossbow bolt that tears a hole through Moon Knight's mask. As quickly as she came, she disappears again.

Marc returns home and stands before the Statue of Khonshu. Suddenly, the eyes of the statue begin to blaze with fire.



  • In the hospital, when the Moon Knight talks to Gena, he mistakenly refers to Crawley as Lockley. Jake Lockley was one of the identities used by the Moon Knight, while Bertrand Crawley was his friend.

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