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Synopsis for "The Avatar of Khonshu!"

Randall Spector carries a kidnapped nurse through the sewer. He wields an ax, and resembles his previous Hatchet-Man imposter. Before Randall can murder the nurse, Punisher arrives on his motorcycle and rescues her. He reveals that it has been six weeks since the encounter with Randall in Central Park.

At his new headquarters, Moon Knight consults with his Shadow Cabinet.

Over the next couple weeks, Randall continues to abduct and kill nurses. Moon Knight discovers a pattern in the number of victims, the number of days between, and the locations. He determines that Randall's next attack will be at the hospital where Marlene and Frenchie have been recuperating.

Randall causes a blackout at the hospital. Punisher tries to restore power in the basement. Moon Knight arrives and fights Randall on the roof. He gets pushed over the edge, but glides and crashes through a lower window. Moon Knight goes towards Marlene's hospital room, and finds multiple dead hospital employees along the way. Randall grabs Frenchie and throws him out a window. Moon Knight dives out to catch him, while Punisher shoots Randall with a machine gun. Randall crashes through another window and hits the street below.

The next day, Marc identifies Randall's body in the morgue, then takes Frenchie home. He explains that Randall was subjected to the same drugs as the Hatchet-Man imposter, and similarly became an insane serial killer.

Doctor Doom enters a Spectorcorp building and demands to see Marc.

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