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Moon Knight and the Punisher team up against ULTIMATUM and Flag Smasher!

Moon Knight and Midnight climbed out of their helicopter and went on a rooftop to perform surveillance. Suddenly, they saw a man in a pickup truck shoot at a police car during a chase. Eventually, Midnight got tired of waiting and decided to commandeer a truck belonging to Emerald Crown in order to follow the pickup truck. Moon Knight got inside of the truck with Midnight and followed the pickup truck on the freeway. Moon Knight instructed Midnight to use a different route from the pickup. So, Midnight took a frontage road. The pickup reached a facility and from the frontage road. Moon Knight and Midnight rammed into a fence outside of the facility, causing the guards to take cover. Suddenly, the guards opened fire on the truck, causing Moon Knight and Midnight to flee and take cover.

Meanwhile, the Punisher was on a high road overlooking the building, taking aim at the guards who were attacking Moon Knight and Midnight. When a guard aimed a missile launcher at Moon Knight and Midnight, the Punisher shot a box full of explosives behind the guard, killing him, also blowing Midnight back a few feet. Next, the Punisher came down, which shocked Midnight. The Punisher claimed that he had been watching the arms drop for three days and that the guards had been stocking with loads of ammunition and guns. He informed Moon Knight and Midnight that the anti-nationalist group ULTIMATUM was the group that they had just fought. Next, Moon Knight ordered Midnight to leave and meet with Frenchie.

The Punisher drove Moon Knight in his van, telling him about ULTIMATUM and their leader Flag-Smasher as he drove to the house of a person whom he believed had ties to ULTIMATUM. When they arrived at the house, Frank held the man at gunpoint, hoping to get information out of him, Suddenly, Moon Knight appeared behind the man, making him feel more threatened. Eventually, the man claimed that he did not know anything about the arms, however, he could arrange a meeting and claimed that ULTIMATUM were "psychopaths."

Later, the two vigilantes followed the man in the Punisher's van. The man met up with Anarchy, a member of ULTIMATUM inside a compound. The man told Anarchy that he wanted to see Flag-Smasher, but she informed him that she was aware of his betrayal and killed the man. Suddenly, Frank drove into the compound and attempted to run over Anarchy, who dodged. The Punisher got out of his van and opened fire on Anarchy, who, in turn, shot him in the chest with her shotgun, defeating him. Next, Moon Knight appeared from above her and attempted to take her down, but she countered, by kicking him in the chest and hitting him with the butt of her shotgun before fleeing. Next, the Punisher and Moon Knight got into the former's van and left the compound.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, ULTIMATUM was burning various flags including the American, Japanese, and Soviet flags, while Flag-Smasher gave a speech on how they planned on achieving world peace by bringing global anarchy.

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