Marc Spector was a costumed vigilante and potential Avengers' recruit,[1] going by the name Moon Knight, that claimed he was the avatar of the Moon.

Somehow (supposedly because the Moon told him), he discovered Francie Beck would seek to wake a dormant evil (Mysterio's helmet), so he followed her till the Sanctum Sanctorum, only to be defeated by Spider-Man. After realizing, he had been set up, Spider-Man accepted Moon Knight's help and, together, they managed to save both Francie and her father Quentin (the original Mysterio) from the helmet's illusions. He was later seen enjoying a meal with the Becks, Spider-Man and Aunt May at F.E.A.S.T.. By the end of the episode, Moon Knight is seen talking to the Moon which interrupts Spider-Man's 4th Wall break, when he asks Spidey who is he talking he replies "no one" to which Moon Knight calls him a weirdo.[2]

Secret Wars

Moon Knight was in Egypt at the time when the Beyonder took pieces of Earth and other worlds to create Battleworld, which Egypt was taken to create the section for Egyptia. When the Avengers arrived at the Pyramid he was present in, he showed no response until Tony Stark took the Orb from the Statue of Khonshu and retaliated with an army of un-dead Mummies to take back the Orb. Moon Knight faced off against Captain America and Black Widow for the Orb while Tony was bringing Marsha (a truck that turn into a armor) to gain the advantage. It was revealed that Moon Knight had fallen under control of the Orb once the Avengers were able to set him free via destroying the Orb, Tony states that who ever did it must've not wanted anyone finding the item inside the Orb. When the Dust settled, Cap asked him to join them at Avengers Tower but refuses saying his place is studding and protecting the Pyramids, but is welcome whenever he may need their help.[3]


Seemingly those of the Marc Spector of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Marc Spector of Earth-616.


Marc Spector (Earth-12041) from Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 4 17 003
  • Truncheon
  • When Moon Knight talks to the Moon, it's likely he may actually be referring to Khonshu; the Egyptian Moon God and the source of his powers.

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