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Quote1.png I serve Khonshu. I'm his avatar. Which means you are, too. Sort of. We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu's justice to those who hurt them. Quote2.png
Marc Spector to Steven Grant[src]


Early Life

As a child, while playing with his brother, Randall, Marc led the two into a cave as it was raining. While he escaped, Randall died. This led to his mother Wendy blaming him for his brother's death, causing her to become abusive to Marc. The abuse led to him developing Steven Grant, a second identity based on a movie. In the end, Marc left home, and joined the miltary, in spite of the objections of his father (who did not want to lose another son). While in a fugue state, Marc went AWOL, and was discharged because of it. After that, Marc did not have a lot of options. This led him to take a job from Raul Bushman as a mercenary. The two went on a job to a dig site in Egypt, where Bushman was prepared to kill the archaeologists, one of them being Abdallah El-Faouly. Refusing, Marc tried to stop Bushman, but was shot while the archaeologists were killed. Crawling to the feet of a statue of Khonshu, Marc was prepared to kill himself, but was offed another chance at life by Khonshu in exchange for becoming his avatar. Marc accepted and, with the help of a mystical suit that made him incredibly strong and durable, became the crusading fist of justice known as Moon Knight, fighting Khonshu's battles for him.[5][6]

Marc Spector and Layla El-Faouly

Eventually, Marc met Layla El-Faouly, an archaeologist who is the daughter of Abdallah, and the two were married, Marc never telling her of her father's fate. The pair went on many adventures together, battling many foes with Marc's suit and discovering many ancient Egyptian artifacts, such as the Scarab of Ammit. However, when Marc began to suspect Khonshu wished to take Layla as his new avatar, he left Layla and filed for divorce, moving to London, England.[5][2][1]

Steven Grant, museum curator

Marc was then contacted by his father, who informed him of his mother's death. However, Marc refused to attend the shiva, but stood outside, looking at his father. Overcome with grief and guilt, Steven was forced to take control of the body. Unaware of Marc's existence and believing himself to be a normal man, he got a job as a museum worker in a gift shop, being fascinated by the ancient Egypt exhibits. When he went to sleep, Marc took over their shared body, continuing his work as Khonshu's avatar, and Steven would wake up in random places. Believing it to be sleepwalking, Steven began restraining himself in bed every night, becoming paranoid that he was losing his mind.[2][6]

The Coming of Ammit

One day, Steven awoke in Austria with a dislocated jaw, unsure of how he got there, and began hearing Khonshu's voice, demanding he return the body to Marc. Terrified, Steven ran into a nearby town, where he was approached by Arthur Harrow, the enigmatic leader of the Disciples of Ammit, who insisted Steven turn over the Scarab of Ammit to him. However, Khonshu and Marc took partial control of the body and forced him to fight Harrow and the Disciples, allowing them to escape once Marc took full control.

Moon Knight takes control

When they returned to London, Steven took control again, in denial that the events in Austria even happened. When he went to work, however, he found it impossible to ignore the strange apparitions of Khonshu, or the fact that Harrow was following him. He was confronted once again by Harrow in the museum, who this time was more patient with him, understanding that Steven was scared and had no idea what was happening to him. He asked again for the Scarab, but when Steven refused, Harrow unleashed a jackal monster on him. It chased Steven into the bathroom where, via a mirror, he confronted Marc for the first time, who told him he needed to take control to save them. Steven agreed and Marc took control, summoning the suit to become Moon Knight, and killing the monster before going back to Steven's apartment.[2]

Layla meets Steven

The next day, Steven was fired from his job at the museum thanks to Marc having torn up the bathroom during his fight with the monster. Steven decided to find out more about Marc, and located a storage unit belonging to him in London, where he finally confronted Marc properly. When Marc explained their history with as Moon Knight, Steven panicked and tried to escape, but was met by Layla El-Faouly, who had been searching for Marc since he ran away. When they returned to Steven's apartment, the two began to spark a connection before Layla found the Scarab. Still believing Steven to be Marc (despite his insistence to the contrary) she berated him for keeping it from her, despite the two looking for it for many years.

Steven summons the suit

When two Disciples of Ammit arrived posing as police officers, Layla hid with the Scarab while Steven was taken to Harrow. Harrow explained that he had been Khonshu's previous avatar, and that he was now trying to use the Scarab to awaken the goddess Ammit, who his cult believed would cleanse the world of sin by killing all sinners. Steven refused to turn over Layla, having become fond of her, but Layla arrived to help Steven escape. When Harrow sent another jackal creature after them, Steven tried summoning the Moon Knight suit, and resulted in a suit with the same power, but looked completely different. After realizing how poorly he was doing as Moon Knight, Steven surrendered his body to Marc, allowing him to take on the proper Moon Knight suit and defeat the creature, despite losing the Scarab to Harrow.[1]

Marc then went to Cairo, Egypt to find Ammit's tomb before the Scarab lead Harrow to it, all while arguing with Steven, who didn't want Marc killing anyone else, via reflections. While fighting Disciples of Ammit in Cairo, Marc discovered a third alter with homicidal urges existed in his head, as he blacked out with all the Disciples dead. Realizing there was no other way to deal with Harrow, Khonshu caused an eclipse to summon the other Egyptian gods and put Harrow on trial. The gods met, and interrogated Harrow in front of Khonshu, but they realized they trusted Khonshu even less than him, so they opted to let Harrow go and threatened to imprison Khonshu should he manipulate the moon or the sky in such a way again. However, Yatzil, avatar of Hathor, secretly told him that to find Ammit's tomb, he would need to find the sarcophagus of Senfu, who knew of the tomb's location. With help from Layla, the two went to Anton Mogart, who was in possession of the sarcophagus. Before the two could find the location, they were interrupted by Mogart, who became suspicious of them. Harrow then came and destroyed the sarcophagus. Fighting their way out, Marc and Layla took the remains of a piece of a star map from the sarcophagus, which was fixed by Steven. In order to find the tomb, Steven, with help from Khonshu, turned back the sky to the night the map was made, allowing Layla to track the tomb. However, Khonshu was then imprisoned in an ushabti by the Ennead, leading to Marc and Steven losing their powers.[4]

Following the map, Steven and Layla found Ammit's tomb. While inside the tomb, the two were separated escaping an undead heka priest. Steven then found the tomb of Alexander the Great, who he discovered was Ammit's former avatar. After finding Ammit's ushabti, Layla came in and confronted Marc, after being told by Harrow that Marc had killed her father, Abdallah. Marc told Layla that it was his partner who killed him. Before they could escape, Harrow and his disciples found the tomb. Marc told Layla to leave while he fought off Harrow. After Layla left, Harrow's disciples surrounded Marc, who fought against them. However, he was shot and killed by Harrow. Marc then found himself and Steven in a psychiatric hospital, and met with Taweret.[5]

Taweret revealed to the two that they were in the Du'at. She tried to weigh the two's hearts, but found them to be unbalanced. As Steven delved into Marc's and his past in order to balance the scales, discovering how he was created, Taweret saw the souls of the undead unnaturally falling into the Du'at. Marc and Steven told Taweret of Harrow's plan, and urged her to contact Layla. The two continued to try and balance the scales, but were too late. While fighting off the souls of the dead trying to drag the two into the Du'at, Steven fell, balancing the scales and allowing Marc to enter the Field of Reeds.[6]

Refusing to leave Steven behind, Marc went back into the Du'at, finding Steven. The two then found themselves brought back to life by Osiris, who recently been defeated by Harrow and Ammit, who Harrow had released into the world. Khonshu had also been freed by Layla, and the two met with each other. Agreeing to free both Marc and Steven from his service once Ammit has been defeated, Marc went into Cairo to fight Harrow while Khonshu faced Ammit. He was then joined by Layla, who had temporarily become Taweret's Avatar, but the two were nearly defeated by Harrow. As Marc lay on the floor, he blacked out, finding Harrow defeated at his hands. He and Layla then brought Harrow into the Ennead's chamber, where they casted the spell to bind Ammit to Harrow. Urged to kill Harrow by Khonshu, Marc refused, and requested him and Steven to be released from his service. The two then woke up in Steven's apartment. Khonshu then brought Harrow out of a hospital into a car, accompanied by Jake Lockley, Marc's third personality, who continued to serve Khonshu. Under his orders, Jake killed Harrow.[3]



Divine Empowerment

  • Supernatural Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Supernatural Resistance
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Regenerative Healing Factor


  • Master Martial Artist
  • Master Assassin
  • Master Marksman
  • Weapons Master
  • Multilingual
  • Pain Resistance
  • Master Investigator


  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: Marc Spector possesses at least two other alters and is prone to blacking out, letting a different alter take control of their body. These alters are Steven Grant and Jake Lockely.
  • Moon Knight Suit Dependency: Marc relies on the Moon Knight suit for supernatural powers.



Moon Knight's Suit: As Khonshu's avatar, he is able to summon armor that can give him supernatural powers as well as heal his wounds. The suit changes its appearance depending on which alter is in control.


  • Oscar Isaac portrays Moon Knight in the Disney+ mini-series Moon Knight.
    • Carlos Sanchez and David Jake Rodriguez portrayed a young and teenaged Marc Spector, respectively, in the episode "Asylum".
  • Marc is Jewish.[1]
  • Marc was born in Chicago Illinois, March 9, 1987.[1]
    • Marc Spector shares the same birthday as his actor Oscar Isaac.


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