The history of this Moon Knight followed the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart's until the point Ultron returned, as the evil A.I. couldn't be stopped.

Marc Spector (Earth-61112) 002

Moon Knight unmasked.

During Ultron's massive and abrupt takeover of Earth, Moon Knight was in a black-ops mission along Jerry Hunt in San Francisco. Both managed to escape to one of Nick Fury's secret bases, although Jerry died as soon as they got it. Black Widow found them when also looking for refuge.[1]

Later, Natasha discovered a special box where Fury held fail safe plans for different end of the world scenarios, including one of Ultron taking over Earth. They decided to go to a refuge in the Savage Land depicted in the plans, where they met other surviving heroes who just arrived.[2] A small group of heroes led by Nick Fury traveled to the future using Doctor Doom's Time Platform in order to confront Ultron, and Moon Knight was one of the many heroes who stayed in the present Savage Land.[3]


Seemingly those of the Marc Spector of Earth-616.

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