Marcel Fournier was a French Canadian trapper and spy who was operating as an agent of the Canadian government in 1885 to try and beat a number of other nations in finding a mountain filled with above-ground crude oil in Alaska. The mountain was incredibly important as it possessed so much easily accessible oil that whoever held it could easily dominate the world economy. Fournier was nearly hanged for killing rival agents in self-defense, but the Two-Gun Kid rescued him, faking Matt Hawk's death in the process. The pair soon joined forces with an Apache warrior named Running Fish and a renegade samurai named Hijiro Nguri in order to locate and destroy this mountain. The group succeeded in eluding their pursuers and blowing up the mountain. Seemingly killed, the group actually survived the blast and remained together for a time as the Sunset Riders.

The quartet soon drifted apart. But Fournier later asked for the Two-Gun Kid's help to defend the town of Wonderment from corrupt businessman Clay Riley's Nightriders. During the siege of Wonderment, Fournier was exposed as Riley's double agent and the Two-Gun Kid was forced to kill him.




Marcel Fournier was an incredibly skilled fur trapper and woodsman. He was also a good hand-to-hand combatant as well as a decent shot and horseman.


Fournier used various trapping equipment in his work as a fur trapper




Shotgun, pistols, large hunting knife

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