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Marci Stahl was a lawyer working for the prestigious firm Landman and Zack, and dated Foggy Nelson while he and Matt Murdock were interns there.[1]

When Foggy leaves his firm after learning of Matt's double-life as a vigilante, he spends the night and sleeps with her. She reassures him that he and Matt will work things out, although she also says that she doesn't want to be involved in their drama. Later on, she meets Foggy at Josie's Bar, where Foggy convinces her to look into the evidence he discovered despite having Wilson Fisk as her firm's client.[2]

Marci assists Matt and Foggy's case by secretly giving copies of suspicious files from her firm to them.[3] Eventually, when Fisk and his associates are arrested, Marci is present where one partner of Fisk is apprehended. She leaves Landman & Zack when most of the people of the firm are under indictment, and Foggy assists her in finding a new job, with Matt, Foggy and Karen Page thankful for her help.[4]


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