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Marcia Pearson (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 233 001

Marcy Peason caught the eye of Tony Stark and he soon hired her as Public Relations Chief of Stark Enterprises shortly after the new company opened on the west coast.[2]

Marcy also quickly caught the eye of Jim Rhodes and the two began dating. Marcy was overly ambitious and career-driven in the end, however. When Tony Stark was presumed dead and Rhodey followed him as CEO, Marcy attempted to use her relationship with Jim to acquire more power for herself, and push SE in the direction she wanted. Rhodes ended up firing Marcy and ending their relationship as he asserted his authority.[citation needed]

As a result Marcy sought revenge against both Stark and Rhodes. She used a computer hacker named Raven to leak information about dirty dealings performed by Stane International, a recently acquired subsidiary of Stark Enterprises. Marcy's corporate espionage was eventually uncovered, and Stark turned her over to the authorities.[3]


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