Marcios was a soldier, one of the Guards of Khauran. He was loyal to Taramis, Queen of Khauran. One day, Constantius, an exiled mercenary, led his army through the lands of Khauran asking to pass over to reach Turan. He was secretly allied with Salome, twin-sister of Taramis. Taramis accepted to let the army pass through Khauran but she had Constantius confined in the southern tower, until his Shemite mercenaries had passed the borders with Turan.

That night Salome, impersonating her sister, let the Shemite mercenaries enter the town. She also freed Constantius from his prison. Marcios was not in service when the Shemites entered in the city. A sergeant found him, and with all the soldiers he had to assemble outside the Royal Palace. So, Marcios was present when Salome, impersonating Taramis, accepted Constantius' marriage proposal, and released the Khauran army. He saw Conan, a Captain of the Guards, accusing Salome of being a false Taramis, and when the Shemites attacked Conan, Marcios flanked him and the other Khauran soldiers, but they were outnumbered by the Shemites and they were killed or fled. Conan was captured. Marcios was wounded but managed to flee. Marcios hid in the house of Ivga, his woman. He was sure that Taramis had betrayed her people. Conan was condemned to death on the cross. In the following months, Marcios changed his idea. He saw Taramis, still impersonated by Salome, marry Constantius, the people of Khauran heavily taxed, vexed and humiliated. Many young Khaurans were sold as slaves to the Turanians. After that Salome started to worship unnamed demons and slaying innocent people for human sacrifices. Marcios was convinced of the same idea of Conan, that the Queen was not Taramis but a witch. Marcios told his suspects to Astreas, a historian. Then, he organized a revolt. But it failed and Marcios had to flee and hide again. A night of seven months after Salome's arrival, Marcios, disguised as a deaf-mute, saw Khumbanigash and Salome going out form a prison. He heard them speaking about Taramis, and learned about her real situation. Salome noticed him, but saw only a deaf-mute, and gave him the head of Krallides, counselor of the Queen, known by Marcios. Khumbanigash ordered him to go away. A week after, Conan, having survived the cross and now leader of more than 11,000 Zuagir warriors, headed to Khauran with his nomads, plus a secret battalion of 3,000 Hyborian knights of Khauran. Meanwhile Marcios had organized the liberation of Taramis from the prison, using the chaos resulting from the coming battle and the few presence of Shemite troops in the city. Attalus and other men agreed to help him. The Zuagirs and the Hyborian defeated the Shemite mercenaries. Marcios sneaked into the prisons and found Conan fighting Zinn, one of Salome's slaves. Salome was killing Taramis then Marcios jumped over Salome and stabbed the witch with her sword. He extracted the sword from her body but she didn't die. Conan transported Taramis outside the temple, Marcios followed him, but Salome was still alive. With her last whispers she recalled her demon, Thaug, then died. Marcios brought Taramis far from the demon, while Conan tried to stop the monster. Helped by and the Zuagir Desert Wolves Conan killed Thaug. Taramis was the Queen again. She offered to Conan to become Captain again and also to become her counselor, but Conan preferred to be the leader of the Zuagirs; then Taramis claimed Marcios new Captain of the Guards[1].


None, human.

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