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Marcos Diaz, also known by the alias "Eclipse", is an operative of the Mutant Underground. Eclipse, his girlfriend Polaris, and Thunderbird rescued Blink from the Atlanta PD after she escaped from prison. They got Blink to the Underground's headquarters, but Polaris was arrested during the rescue. While he was coming up with a plan to break Polaris out of jail, he was contacted by Reed Strucker. Reed offered to use his position in the Atlanta District Attorney's office to help Polaris if the Underground smuggled his family to Mexico after he and his wife Caitlin discovered their children Lauren and Andy were both mutants. He also told Eclipse that Polaris was pregnant.[2]

Eclipse and the Struckers were ambushed by the Sentinel Services when he met with the family to get them across the border. Fortunately, Thunderbird and Blink tracked Eclipse in case something like this happened and helped them run from the Sentinel Services. Blink opened a portal to the Underground's headquarters before the Sentinel Services had them cornered. Eclipse and the rest escaped to safety, but Blink could not hold the portal open long enough for Reed to get through when an agent of the Sentinel Services shot him in the leg.[2]



Photokinesis: Eclipse could absorb and redirect photons through his arms, which he could use to generate blinding lights and energy rays strong enough to cut through concrete.[2]

  • Super-Heated Luminescent Blood: Eclipse's blood has been shown when it's exposed to air becoming hot enough to melt certain objects and glows like it's producing its own light. This is most likely a by-product of his photokinetic abilities.


It cannot absorb light from places like sewers.[3]


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