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Rem-Ram was a member of the Acolytes. When Fabian Cortez ordered an attack on Xavier's mansion Rem-Ram was assigned to enter Rogue's dreams, allowing her to touch a man without absorbing his thoughts and feelings. In fact, she had touched Magneto – and even accepted a diamond ring from him – before being jarred out of her sleep by Gambit. When Fabian Cortez forced Rem-Ram to invade the conscious Professor X's mind, Rem-Ram failed. Fabian fled, leaving Rem-Ram and the remaining Acolytes on the grounds of the estate to seek asylum from the X-Men. Professor X refused them, after having been burned by attempting to rehabilitate Sabretooth.

Rem-Ram was killed in the Wild Sentinels' attack on Genosha. He was among several of the Acolytes' whose bodies were reanimated by the Collective.[1] However, he was later resurrected by the Transmode Virus from Selene, along with some other Acolytes.[2]


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  • Subliminal Telepathy: Psi-link with the subconscious minds of others that allowed him to use their dreams to his advantage, delving through their thoughts and feelings while planting suggestions in their minds to influence their behavior in the waking world. It caused him great pain to try and use his power on a conscious opponent.

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