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Marcus Arlington III was a doctor at the Empire State Hospital. When Jam got in a motorcycle accident she was taken to the Hospital, and Arlington was her doctor. Here he first met Nate Grey and gained a healing power. When Arlington touched Jam he, to his own surprise, regrow her lost arm. To make sure that it was he who did it, Arlington came to see another patient, and healed his bullet wound.[1]

After that, he briefly lived in the Nate Grey's Loft in SoHo, together with Nate, Jam, Bux, Rita, and Roust.[2]

When Nate left the city, Arlington, with Roust and his brother Joust went on a journey around the world, using his newly gained power to save lives.[3]



Healing: When Arlington met Nate Grey, he gained healing power. Using this power and his medical knowledge he was able to heal bullet wounds and even regrow lost limbs.[1][3] However, he apparently can't use his power to heal himself, as he still paralyzed.


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His legs are paralyzed, so he can't walk and uses a wheelchair.



  • Wheelchair

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