Quote1 Something has to be done. Quote2
-- Marcus Glove
Marcus Glove (Earth-616) during Inferno (Event)

Marcus Glove in New York City during the Inferno


Marcus Glove was just an average man until he was caught in the crossfire when Magik brought Hell to New York City during the Inferno. Later when Onslaught attempted to ignite a sun in Central Park, Marcus lost a leg and his wife when a tree fell on them. While recovering in Alaska, Marcus lost an arm and an eye when crushed by debris from Master Mold after the Sentinel was shot down by Cyclops' optic blast. Hoping to escape further mutant-related violence, Marcus moved out to San Francisco. Unfortunately, during the final confrontation between the Avengers and the X-Men, Marcus was burned by an errant Phoenix-fire, which resulting in him losing his remaining limbs and covering a large portion of his body in burn tissue. Despite all of this Marcus never developed any hatred toward mutants. He just believed that something has to be done.[1]


Becoming genuinely concerned the mutants will destroy the world, Marcus Glove became a superstar spokesperson with the simple message "Something has to be done". Through this message he secured funding through a dozen book deals, a cable channel, questions in the senate and hobnobbing in the U.N. Unlike other "anti-mutant" campaigners and other such extremist he is reasonable, restrained, and caring. Just stating the facts, which is something has to be done.

Gathering specialists from dozens of scientific disciplines and organized the Institute of Bio-Social Studies headquarters in San Francisco. The I.B.S.S. became a charitable organization founding research, a hospital, public relations, and developing a pharmaceutical cure to mutantism called X-Cise.[1] However, David eventually discovered that Marcus was brain dead for quite some time. Now the man is a puppet under the control of the Red Skull, like many others in the Institute. Marcus decided in the struggle against a squad of X-men gathered to rescue Legion. The Red Skull intended to use Marcus as a Martyr but the intervention of Legions "friend" nipped this plan in the bud.[2]




Marcus Glove has lost all of his limbs, left eye, and has severe burns and scar tissue over most of his body sustained during various mutant related disasters. Marcus also requires corrective lens.[1]

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